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Nocturnal reptiles and frogs

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For all fans of amphibians and reptiles the Caribbean region offers a great variety of species , from the famous and colorful dendrobatids to the night tree frogs , snakes and lizards and geckos of various kinds color . Depending on your passions , you can choose to visit some of the areas selected by me , between areas of the park and surrounding areas in order to better appreciate these beautiful animals . It is much more simple to see amphibians, gecos and lizard , but to find snakes you have to have a little more luck and a good view. You can choose between day or night hike ... By day you can admire mainly dendrobatidi , geckos , various kinds of lizards and with luck some snakes . At night , wakes up the world of frogs , with redeyes frogs (Agalychnis ) , tree frogs of various kinds and a wide variety of arboreal snakes and the famous coral snakes . It is recommended that appropriate clothing , boots and long pants, and a lot of attention because this kind of trips involve the possibility of being very close to poisonous snakes.

The price depends on the place where you will make the trip


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